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First comprehensive map of the ‘dark web’ reveals a remarkably antisocial corner of the internet

The dark web is not much of a web at all.

First comprehensive map of the ‘dark web’ reveals a remarkably antisocial corner of the internetApr. 27, 2017 , 2:45 PM

Most of the world wide web is invisible. Beyond the “surface web”—the parts accessible to search engines—there is a “deep web” containing (by one estimate) 500 times the content, secured in databases and hidden behind login screens. And within this deep web is a tiny corner known as the “dark web,” which requires special, anonymizing software such as the Tor Browser to access and contains everything from black markets selling drugs and counterfeit IDs to whistleblowing forums.
Researchers have just conducted a comprehensive mapping of the dark web and found that it’s not much of a web at all. They started with a few central hubs in the “.onion” domain (sort of like .com on the surface web) and used an algorithm to crawl along links from site to site, finding only 7178 sites, connected to each other through 25,104 links. (Sites with no inbound links couldn’t be counted.) Their key finding is that 87% of these dark web sites don’t link to any other sites. The dark web is more of a set of “dark silos,” they write in a preliminary paper posted on arXiv yesterday. Dark websites linked to surface websites and to other dark websites at the same rate, ruling out dark sites’ ephemerality as an explanation for their scant interconnections.
“I personally find this rather strange, and interpret it as, socially speaking, people who create dark web sites are just less social beings,” says Virgil Griffith, as computer scientist at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology and the paper’s lead author. “Or at the very least, the dark web is barely used as a social mechanism—while the world wide web most definitely is.”

Choosing The Best Internet Service Provider In The Philippines For 2017

Choosing The Best Internet Service Provider In The Philippines For 2017

The Internet helps us connect with people from all over the world, and has helped us to become extremely efficient in our everyday lives. It’s hard to imagine life without the Internet. The Internet has grown a tremendous amount over the past decade, creating new job industries and opportunities for everyone.
No matter what you use the Internet for, you are going to have to choose an Internet service provider. There are a number of providers in the country that you can choose from, however, we will focus on the major players aimed at providing home broadband internet service to consumers. Other providers usually cater to businesses and corporate accounts, while some new players have limited coverage only available in condos and high-rise buildings in urban areas.

Internet Service Providers in the Philippines

  1. PLDT – The biggest telecom company in the country, PLDT provides both service reliability and the largest area coverage for their fiber, DSL, or LTE broadband home or business packages.
  2. Globe – One of the largest mobile telecom provider in the country, Globe offers home or business internet solutions in a variety of plans suitable for work or leisure.
  3. Sky Broadband – Leading cable TV provider that also offers broadband cable internet connection, conveniently bundled with their HD cable TV subscription.
  4. Eastern Telecom – Offers dedicated Internet direct service running on leased line technology and also offers DSL Internet suitable for smaller offices or for work from home employees.
  5. Converge ICT – Provides home, SME, or enterprise broadband Internet based purely on fiber optic connectivity.
  6. Infinivan – Through partner cable TV operators, they offer high speed copper, fiber, and wireless Internet access geared towards business or enterprise accounts.
  7. RISE, Inc. – Offers fiber Internet packages mostly aimed at small businesses and enterprise or corporate clients.
  8. Edgecomm – Specializes in satellite Internet services.
  9. We Are IT Philippines – Provider of wireless broadband services, intranet broadband services and mobile and fixed satellite Internet networks.
  10. PT&T – A long time, leading national telegram service provider, they have now transitioned to delivering wireless dedicated or shared broadband access on an all fiber core network.
  11. Textron – Targeting the corporate market, they offer fully dedicated wireless broadband Internet service.
  12. iXS – Mostly focused on enterprise customers, providing dedicated leased-line Internet service.
  13. Radius – A subsidiary of MERALCO, they pride themselves on running a 100% pure fiber network.
  14. NexLogic – Provides both residential and business Internet connectivity through their cable TV operator-partners.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Internet Service Provider

With so many Internet service providers and options in the Philippines, how do you go about choosing the one that is right for you? There are many factors to take into consideration such as price, speed, coverage, and promotions. We are here to help you narrow down your search, and choose the Internet service provider and package that is right for you.
1. How Do You Use The Internet?
The first step in choosing from a wide selection of ISPs is to understand how you use the Internet. For instance, if you like to play online games and stream video you will need a much faster connection than someone who does casual browsing. In most instances, 8Mbps is usually satisfactory for the casual Internet user; however, anything less than 8Mbps will result in slow load time, and sometimes outages. If you use the Internet for online gaming or streaming video, you may need to consider purchasing a broadband Internet package 20 Mbps or greater for optimal results, though you can get by just fine with anything over 8 Mbps. Now that you have determined how you will use the Internet, it’s the best time for you to start comparing Internet providers in Philippines.
2. Who Has The Best Price?
One of the first things you should do is to determine how much you can afford. If you are a budget-shopper, price may be the deciding factor. If low price and good service is what you are after, Sky broadband is the perfect option for you. Sky offers a ton of affordable options to help you connect to the Internet at an affordable price.
Sky offers One Sky Lite plans that start at ₱699. With the basic Sky Lite plan, you get speeds up to 4 Mbps, 20 GB of data allowance monthly, access to many prime channels, and free Sky On Demand. There is a one-time installation fee of ₱1,799, but you get a free WiFi modem and HD digibox. This package does require a 2-year lock-in, but at that price point, you really can’t complain.
Probably the best offering at Sky is the next step up from the ₱699 Sky Lite Plan. This plan costs ₱999 a month, but provides you with speeds up to 8 Mbps. In addition, you get 40 GB of data each month, free Sky On Demand, and the same access to great channels. The main difference between this package and the base package is the browsing speed. The 8 Mbps will provide you with enough speed to stream most video, and conduct every-day browsing activities. This speed is more than fast enough for the every-day Internet user. The same one-time installation fee of ₱1,788 applies, and you are still provided with a free WiFi modem and HD digibox.
If you want to spend a little more, you can opt to go for a One Sky Premium Plan, which starts at P1,599. The main differences between One Sky Premium, and One Sky Lite is the increased speed and unlimited monthly data allowance. You also have access to more premium channels. If you like to stream a lot of video and play games online, but are still on a budget, the One Sky Premium plan that costs P1,999 per month is the perfect option for you. With this package, you get speeds up to 16 Mbps, get unlimited monthly data, free Sky On Demand, and gain access to many channels that are not available to Sky One Lite customers. You must add on a one-time installation fee of ₱1,999 if you are in Metro Manila, or ₱1,799 if you are located in Cavite, Laguna, Cebu, Davao, Baguio, Iloilo, Bacolod, or Dumaguete.
Sky is by far the best broadband option if you are concerned with price. Sky is also known for great customer service, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach a Sky representative via text, email, phone, or tweet. Sky offers additional affordable plans and bundles all aimed at giving you access to the Internet at price that won’t break the bank.
Sky Bundles Supersaver Plan 1599

Sky Bundles Supersaver Plan 1599

Get the right balance of broadband internet and HD cable TV
8 Mbps unlimited broadband internet
3. Who Has The Best Coverage?
When you choose an Internet service provider you want to make sure the coverage is good. Before you sign a contract, you want to make sure that the company you choose has a reputation of providing outstanding coverage. After all, what’s more frustrating than streaming your favorite movie, only to stop multiple times to load? If budget is less of a concern to you, coverage is a characteristic you will want to focus on.
The broadband service provider that has the best overall coverage is PLDT. At the moment, PLDT is still the leading telecommunications service provider in the country with over 70 percent market share. Over 1.3 million residents subscribe to PLDT’s services, and this number is expected to increase as time goes on. Ariel Fermin, EVP of PLDT Home states, “We are proud to announce that PLDT HOME continues to dominate the broadband arena with its top-class communication solutions that deliver the best, reliable service. The numbers prove that PLDT HOME is the broadband consumers choose and trust.”
In addition to its popular PLDT HOME product, PLDT has the largest and most extensive fiber optic network, which reaches over 2.5 million homes across the nation. This extensive fiber optic network can provide you with lag-free Internet service. PLDT has invested over ₱300 billion to create this extended network, and shows no signs of slowing down. Ask around, and you will probably hear reference of PLDT’s dependable coverage, and fast browsing speeds.
PLDT Home DSL Speedster Plan 1299

PLDT Home DSL Speedster Plan 1299

Faster broadband internet speed for only ₱1,299 a month
Fast 10 Mbps with 50 GB monthly quota
Below is a brief comparison of the major providers and their current reach in terms of service coverage in the Philippines:
Main Products
Coverage Areas
PLDT DSL Internet, Fibr Broadband, Ultera LTE
All Major Cities and Selected Areas Nationwide
Globe DSL/LTE and Fiber Broadband Plans
All Major Cities and Selected Areas Nationwide
Sky Broadband
Sky Premium and Lite Plans, Video on Demand Bundle
Selected Major Cities and Nearby Areas
Converge ICT
FiberX Unlimited Intenet Plans
Selected Areas in Metro Manila

4. What Provider Is The Fastest?
If you are concerned with the speed your Internet provider can provide you with, then Globe is a great option. Globe can provide you with speeds as fast as 1 Gbps. Of course, that speed will cost you. Globe’s packages are a bit pricier when compared to other broadband service providers in the Philippines; however, if you do a lot of online gaming and streaming, speed is a top concern.
Globe offers packages ranging from 2 Mbps to 1 Gpbs. You can get speeds of up to 100 Mbps to match your elite lifestyle for just ₱2,499 per month. With this package, you also get 1 TB of monthly data; free Netflix, HOOQ, and NBA league pass for 6 months; a free landline with WiFi and unlimited calls to Globe/TM. Installation for broadband is free; however, there is a LTE Super Home Phone Activation fee of ₱1,200. You are responsible for paying ₱200 up front, and have five months to pay off the remaining ₱1,000.
If you crave even faster speed, you can spend ₱4,499 per month for 200 Mbps, ₱6,999 a month for speeds up to 500 Mbps, or ₱9,499 per month for speeds up to 1Gbps. Globe offers many additional packages at high speeds, it just depends on how much you are willing to spend for fast Internet service.
Globe Broadband Plan 2499

Globe Broadband Plan 2499

Experience the internet at lightning fast speeds
Up to 100 Mbps with 1 TB monthly cap!
5. Who Has The Best Promotions?
Whenever you can save money you should take the opportunity. Many Internet service providers in the Philippines offer special promotions from time to time, you will just need to keep your eyes peeled for the deals and pay attention to advertisements. Right now, the broadband provider who is offering the best introductory offer is PLDT. PLDT is offering 50 percent off various plans for those who switch to PLDT Home DSL. That means you could pay as little as ₱495 per month for one year!
In addition to saving 50 percent on your broadband bill for the first year, you will also receive free installation which saves you ₱1,100, a free WiFi modem, saving you ₱1,200, and free activation that will save you another ₱1,500! Although you are required to sign a 36-month contract, but at a 50 percent discount who would complain? There are a variety of PLDT broadband internet options that are eligible for this special promotion. Add PLDT to the top of your consideration list.
Special Mention: Converge ICT Broadband
It takes a lot of guts, and financial resources, to be able to penetrate an industry that is considered to be duopolized by the two largest telecom providers in the country. Despite the odds, Converge ICT was able to accomplish this feat, with the goal of providing a level of service at par with global standards. Boasting pure fiber connectivity, Converge is offering fast, uninterrupted, and reliable internet speeds at highly competitive prices. All broadband plans highlight unlimited volume allowance, so subscribers will no longer have to worry about their usage reaching a monthly data cap.
However, there are still some drawbacks commonly experienced by new market players and in Converge ICT’s case, it is their reach in terms of coverage area. Compared to market leaders with existing facilities and service lines, their network is still in the process of expanding, with plans to cover 100% of Luzon in 3 years , then move next to Visayas and Mindanao. At the moment, they can cover selected areas in Metro Manila, with a few areas in Luzon, farthest up north being Baguio and Batangas down south. See list below for some of the areas covered.
Converge ICT Fiber Ready Areas
Metro Manila and nearby cities:
Converge ICT Metro Manila Coverage
Selected Areas in Luzon:
BaliuagAngeles CityBamban
San RafaelArayatCapas
PulilanClark Freeport ZoneConception
PlaridelCandabaTarlac City
GuiguintoMabalacat CityCamiling
Sta. MariaMagalangSan Clemente
San IldefonsoMexicoMayantoc
PoracSta. Ignacia
BalangaSan Fernando CitySubic Bay Freeport Zone
HermosaSan Luis
OraniSta. Ana
As for their available broadband packages, the FiberX plans features speeds now starting at 25 Mbps for the entry-level plan (up from 20 Mbps), up to 100 Mbps, with price ranging from ₱1,500 – ₱3,500 per month. Whereas the FiberXtreme plans, targeting the higher-end market, offers fast speeds of 300 Mbps and 500 Mbps with ₱4,500 and ₱7,000 monthly service fees. All plans require a 2,500 installation fee and lock-in period up to 24 months. Converge ICT assures a 30% minimum speed at 80% service reliability.
Converge ICT FiberX 1500

Converge ICT FiberX 1500

Fiber-fast Speed Now up to 25 Mbps!
Same unlimited data & monthly fee, but higher 25 Mbps speeds (from 20 Mbps).

Have You Made Up Your Mind Yet?

Everyone analyzes different things when evaluating Internet Service providers in the Philippines. If you are concerned with price, Sky should be your provider of choice. If you are more concerned with coverage, PLDT should be number one on your list. If speed is your determining factor, look no further than Globe. If you do not want to sacrifice speed for price, check out PLDT’s current promotion, where you could save 50 percent on broadband for the first year. Converge ICT offers good value for its price, however, best to confirm first if your exact location is included in their coverage area. Regardless of what motivates you, make sure you first determine how you plan to use the Internet. This will help you make the best possible decision for yourself and your wallet, and leave you with the most satisfaction.


Internet Group

Internet Group

The GSMA Internet Group (IG) is the key working group which researches, analyses and measures the potential opportunities and impacts of new web and internet technologies on mobile operator networks and platforms. We maintain the most up-to-date knowledge base of new internet and web innovations through intelligence gathering of available global research and active participation in key Standards organisations.
The GSMA IG are highly active with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI). Through other GSMA working groups we also maintain open communications with other Standards bodies, such as 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) in the telecommunications ecosystem.

Key Areas

As web and internet technologies are constantly in flux the we maintain a flexible work structure to allow immediate reaction to new innovations.  Today, our focus includes:
  • Content Delivery – reviewing the current state of caching solutions, analysing new proposals and investigating collaborative solutions. Technologies include: Open Caching, Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and Multi Access Edge Computing solutions.
  • Protocol Evolution – measuring the current internet protocol performance over mobile networks and producing requirements for future standards in protocol advancement. Technologies include: Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC), Transport layer technologies, congestion control and future internet architectures.
  • Streaming and Real Time Communications – evaluating the current and future impact of streaming on mobile networks, discovering best methods for real time communication innovations to coordinate with operator services. Technologies include: WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), Quality of Service (QoS) for internet streaming services and scaling.
  • Smarter Traffic Management – developing and promoting network management solutions which continue to function with encrypted communications. Technologies include: Low Latency Low Loss Scalable throughput (L4S), encrypted caching solutions, etc.
  • Progressive Enhancement in the Web – education and support for new web technologies which contribute to the Web as the open platform for application development. Technologies include: “ServiceWorkers”, Web Payments and other HTML5 APIs.

Work Items and Processes

New technologies are identified and discussed within GSMA IG meetings.  Some progress to work items where there is clear task to be undertaken.  Typically, this might involve a proposal to a relevant Standards body. including the identification of use cases and requirements definitions; work items often require research and detailed analysis tailored to the telecommunications ecosystem.
Work items are developed through consensus with all GSMA IG members. Items commonly detail and promote opportunities for ecosystem organisations and bring industry collaboration for improved customer experiences. Where options are identified, we will detail business opportunities and provide guidance for operators on commercial rollout and adoption of internet and web based technologies and services.

How to Get Involved

GSMA members who would to join the Internet Group or would like to request more information on any of the GSMA Internet Group activities please contact:
GSMA members can join monthly teleconferences and task force calls, simply ask for a copy of our virtual meeting schedule.
Non GSMA members interested in joining the Internet Group should firstly
Communications including liaison statements (from external bodies) should be sent
Regarding any Internet Governance Advocacy related matters, further information can be found here.


team on beach

Yes, at DiG we do websites but we do so much more! At DiG we pride our selves at developing practical functional and affordable tailored online presences for organisations.

When offering our PROFESIONAL SERVICES we have a process we follow, starting with a discovery consultation (That we do not charge for) at this consultation we determine our clients needs and make suggestions that we feel feel best addresses those needs. In that consultation we propose a solution that also consists of a monthly service to ensure that our client's web presence continues to best serve their ongoing requirements, a service that evolves with the changing environment they are in, whether technical or market related. 
All this we do as a free consultation followed by a emailed document outlining the service to be rendered and the prices.

But we have found all too often that prospective clients go away after being enlightened to their business needs. Some of them tell us outright they cannot afford our services at that time, while others just visit the pup to drown their sorrows where some drunk guy hanging on the bar tells them " Agh no that's far too much to pay for a website! I have a cousin who has a friend who has a niece that has just done a website course and can build you a website for less than a thousand Rand!"...

 ...and you know what happens next, we never hear from them again. Well not quite, we are sometimes called in when it has all gone horribly wrong for them and their domain has been hijacked by some free automated website service with a huge FAQ instead of service contacts or even worse they have blown their entire marketing budget on adverts all over the internet in an attempt to somehow magically drag visitors to their badly structured three page static website brochure, that eventually did cost them over R15,000 after all the unexpected hidden expenses had been jumped on them.

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There always has to be a catch! We all know that free and is an exaggeration, everyone has to make a buck right! Otherwise what are you getting? and before you read all of this there is another option our PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE we urge you to choose this if you have a decent budget and want the very best! otherwise here are all the limitations to our FREE PACKAGE

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  2. You have to create all your own content text and images and have it ready in digital format before the website is created. (As per the website content guide)
  3. If your domain is situated at some other hosting facility we will charge you R200 to transfer the domain.
  4. If the domain needs to be renewed as a registrar requirement in the transfer process you will be charged upfront for that renewal. (Please view our price list for yearly domain renewals).
  5. If you don't yet have a domain, once you have selected your domain from the available domains, you will be charged for that domain registration and the yearly renewals thereafter (Please view our price list for available domains).
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  8. Browser and code framework comparability updates. This happens about every six months (but could happen more often without warning) as the internet is an ever evolving thing these updates will be billed for (At an hourly rate of R400/hour with a one hour minimum payment per update)
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48+ Free HTML5 Responsive Admin Dashboard Templates 2017


Business decisions are to be based on facts. This is where the importance of dashboards is being valued. Having dashboards will help you access valuable, real-time data and information for your business. Due to this fact, we handpicked 48 Free HTML5 Responsive Admin Dashboard Templates 2017.
The design and functionality of the templates vary from one to another. Yet, all templates have one goal in common to give you a free, responsive admin and dashboard template. Some templates are built using AngularJS, Vue.js, React.js, Pug.js others use static HTML. You may check the license indicated in every template to see the usage. However, if you want premium Admin and Dashboard templates, you may check this list. But if you need to use free admin dashboard, then pick one from 48 Free HTML5 Responsive Admin Dashboard Templates 2017.

Leave your vote

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MDB - Bootstrap 4 & Material Design

A free responsive admin dashboard template released under MIT license – free for personal and commercial use. This dashboard is built with MDBootstrap - powerful and free UI Kit, containing plenty of material UI elements, icons and CSS animations taking advantage of all Bootstrap 4 features.

Material Dashboard

Material Dashboard is a free Material Bootstrap Admin inspired by Google’s Material Admin. Material Dashboard was built over the popular Bootstrap framework and it comes with a couple of third-party plugins redesigned to fit in with the rest of the elements.


CoPilot is a free, fully responsive admin template tailored to use with vue.js. The template is highly customizable and UI is based on Bootstrap 3 framework.

Flat Admin Bootstrap Template

Flat Admin Bootstrap template is a free bootstrap administrator template built with Bootstrap 3. It comes with pricing table, chartist, card design, data table and a lot more.


CoreUI is a free Bootstrap 4 based admin template. CoreUI is developed using Bootstrap 4, SASS, Bower and Gulp. CoreUI offers 6 versions: HTML5, AJAX, AngularJS, Angular 2, React.js and Vue.js

Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular 2

Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular 2 is a free admin dashboard template built using Bootstrap 3. This template can be used to create admin panels, project management systems, web application backend, CMS or CRM.

Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Light Bootstrap Dashboard is a free admin dashboard template. Light Bootstrap Dashboard contains multiple handpicked and optimised plugins. Everything is designed to fit with one another.

AdminBSB – Material Design

AdminBSB – Material Design is a free admin template developed using Bootstrap 3 and Google Material Design.


Colored is a free admin panel bootstrap template with enticing looks and excellent functionality. Colored is built using bootstrap framework with modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

Bootflat Admin

Bootflat Admin is a free admin template with flat UI based on Bootstrap 3 and Bootflat framework.


Startmin is a free admin dashboard template for Bootstrap. Incredible features include fontAwesome icons, chart, sortable data tables, social login buttons, tabbed panels and a lot more.

Paper Dashboard

Paper Dashboard is a free Bootstrap Admin Panel which combines soft colors with beautiful typography and spacious cards and graphics. It is a powerful tool, but it is light and easy to use.


Gretong is a free Flat Responsive Admin Panel E-Commerce category Bootstrap Website template offered with Minimalistic and simple Metro styled design. This powerful and purposeful web template is designed using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework with a motive to yield a Responsive and cross browser supportive website template and fetched it in the form of GRETONG.

Simple Dashboard

Simple Dashboard is a free admin dashboard template with easy to implement panels using AngularJS, Bootstrap and Less.


Vali Admin is a free, modular and easy to customize admin theme built using Bootstrap, SASS and Pug.js.


Shoppy is a free Flat-Responsive-Vibrant-Clean-Pristine Admin panel category Web Template built upon HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. Components include Grids and Portlets, Elements – Numerous Animated Buttons and default Glyph-icons, different Maps, Pages – Sign-up/Log-in, Charts – Circular, Bar, Pie, Polar and Line, and Mailbox – Inbox/Compose.


SB-Admin2-RTL is a RTL version of the Bootstrap based admin theme SB Admin 2. Originally created by Start Bootstrap, all the credits of the development of the Bootstrap admin theme are of them. This is just and RTL adaptation.

SB Admin rewritten in Angular2 and Bootstrap 4

SB Admin rewritten in Angular2 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks.

Bluebox Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Bluebox free bootstrap admin template is a flat metro design ready to use responsive admin dashboard template, based on Bootstrap v3.3.4, HTML5 and powered by jQuery, with amazing charts and graphs. This template is completely flexible and user friendly responsive supports all the browsers and looks clean on any device.

Angular Bootstrap Dashboard

Angular Bootstrap Dashboard is a web dashboard application based on Bootstrap and AngularJS. All components included in this dashboard template has been developed to bring all the potential of HTML5 and Bootstrap plus a set of new features (JS and CSS) ideal for your next dashboard admin theme or admin web app project.

Novus Admin Panel Flat Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

Novus Admin Panel is a premium admin dashboard template with flat design concept. Modern Admin Panel is a clean, Flat and Sportive look Bootstrap Template Plain and bold admin template for work status that includes lots of user interface elements for web applications and widgets.

Hybrid Bootstrap Admin Template

Hybrid Bootstrap Admin Template is a modern flat clean designed ready to use responsive admin dashboard template, based on Bootstrap v3.3.4, HTML5 and powered by jQuery, with amazing charts and graphs. This template is completely flexible and user friendly responsive supports all the browsers and looks clean on any device.


Dashboards is a free a responsive dashboard template for bootstrap. It has an attractive, custom analytics dashboard that's ready to be shown to your team or your customers. No hours lost tweaking CSS or testing responsiveness on eight different mobile devices.


Metis is a simple yet powerful free Bootstrap admin dashboard template that you can feel free to use for any app, service, software or anything else. Feel free to share and fork it.

MVC Bootstrap 3.x Admin

MVC Bootstrap 3.x Admin is a free admin dashboard built using Bootstrap 3. The template is free for personal and commercial use.


S-Next is a free Bootstrap Admin Template; refactory && simplify (on AdminLte).

Flat Admin V.3

Flat Admin is a free Bootstrap 3 Administrator Site Templates. The templates has 2 versions static HTML and AngularJS along with bootstrap elements, pricing table, chartist, card design and many more.


Lumino is a free, clean admin panel template built on the Bootstrap framework and available for free on Medialoot. This fully responsive HTML5 template includes everything you need for your backend administration panel. Some of Lumino's many features are a dashboard overview page, various widgets, responsive charts, advanced data tables, forms, ui elements and sample login page.


DashGum is a simple & elegant admin panel. It comes with 15 pages to start your panel as soon as possible. With DashGum you have charts, tables, a lot of panels, calendars, notifications, to do lists and more. Grab our free theme and enjoy it.

Responsive Advance Admin Template

Responsive Advance Admin Template is a free template for your admin dashboard need. It has all basic and main pages included with a unique design. This free admin is made with bootstrap framework and is fully responsive. You can use it for personal and commercial use.


KAdmin is a free lightweight responsive admin theme built with latest Twitter Bootstrap 3.1 and contains plenty of UI components, Light and dark theme skins. KAdmin can be used for any type of web applications: admin dashboards, eCommerce backends, custom admin panels, CRM, CMS, SAAS and websites: eCommerce, business, corporate, portfolio, blog.

Dream Admin

Dream Admin is a free bootstrap admin template free download. This template is built using Bootstrap 3 framework along with HTML5 CSS3 and very useful jQuery plugins to create a amazing modern admin panels, web apps dashboards multipurpose theme.

SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2 is a free Bootstrap admin theme, dashboard template, or webapp UI starter. The theme features a variety of custom jQuery plugins to add extended functionality past the built in Bootstrap UI features.


Joli is a free admin template/Dashboard/Web App based on Angular JS. It’s is responsive template means it is compatible with smart devices like tablet and phones as well. It is very easy to use and customize according to various requirements.

Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Free Bootstrap Admin Template is a free to use responsive admin dashboard template with all the features that you need. It can be used for personal or commercial use.

Insight bootstrap html5 admin template

Insight bootstrap html5 admin template is a free, clean, flat modern ready to use responsive admin dashboard template, based on Bootstrap v3.3.4, HTML5 and powered by jQuery, with amazing charts and graphs. This template is completely flexible and user-friendly responsive supports all the browsers and looks clean on any device.

SB Admin

SB Admin is a free to download Bootstrap admin template. This template uses the defaul Bootstrap 4 styles along with a variety of powerful jQuery plugins to create a pwerful framework for creating admin panels, web apps, or back-end dashboards.

Single Page Admin

Single Page Admin bootstrap theme is a free, single page, administration layout. It contains a lot of useful visualizations useful to admin dashboard.

Light Way Admin

Light Way Admin is a free, extended Bootstrap admin theme that uses a light color collection/scheme.


Dashboard is free admin template, responsive HTML5 layout including forms, tables, charts, graphs, and maps.


rdash-angular is a a free AngularJS implementation of the RDash admin dashboard. The dashboard uses a small number of modules to get you started, along with some handy directives and controllers to speed up development using the dashboard.


Hierapolis is a free Bootstrap 3 based flat style admin theme.

Free Simple Responsive Admin

Free Simple Responsive Admin is light weight, image less and bootstrap based admin. You an use this admin template for personal and commercial projects under cc3.0. Use it and save your time. It is responsive and clean and it is includes the latest font awesome icons and latest bootstrap.

Bootstrap Admin Theme 3

Bootstrap Admin 3 is a free generic admin theme built with Bootstrap 3 free for both personal and commercial use.

Bootstrap Admin Theme

Bootstrap Admin Theme is a free, generic admin theme built with Bootstrap free for both personal and commercial use.


AirCraft is a free admin template ideal for any admin dashboard you use it with.

Clean UI

Building a single page application using React+Redux? Don’t start from scratch – build a scalable, highly polished admin application that works great on mobile and tablet as well as desktop. 9 example apps and 50+ pages with lots of reusable react components included!


BCORE is fully responsive admin template based on twitter bootstrap framework. It comes with almost all plugins which you ever needed.

Egret - Angular 5 Material Design Admin Template

Egret is a feature rich Angular Material Design Admin Template. It is built with Angular CLI and official Angular Material Design package. It has a huge collection of responsive and reusable components, which provides you everything to start your next ERP, CRM or CMS based project. 
Egret also has a large number of features. Lazy loading, dynamic breadcrumb and page title, 4 pre built themes, model driven navigation and multi language support are few of them.




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